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Iv San Bernard Education

Iv San Bernard is proud to Supply Education via the The Pet Skin Academy Module 1

The Pet Skin Academy was created by Dr. Cliff Faver, DVM and a group of longtime groomers and Certified Pet Aestheticians as a way to reach more groomers, show handlers, and pet owners and teach them the best ways to care for their pet’s skin and coat.

Our goal is to provide in-depth education on the foundation of coat science, the needs of the Short, Medium and Long Coat, skin therapies and much more.

A beautiful coat begins with exceptional skincare.

Groomer Nation in conjunction with ISBUSA is proud to offer Module 2 of the Certified Pet Aesthetician program 

Module 2 includes one-on-one training and support from one of our team members to assist you with your own case studies. These case studies will include 3 maintenance baths for each coat type and 2 skin therapy case studies where we will help you through the full process of asking the right questions, choosing the best therapy for that individual, reviewing medical records and making adjustments throughout the process as needed. This module will help you start to build your portfolio and document your progress.


Completion of Module 1 and an introduction meeting with Naomi & Suzanne via zoom 

 Module 3 Certified Pet Aesthetician will be available at live workshops throughout Australia in late 2024

Module 3 includes hands on training at workshops. Module 3 education includes seminars, hands-on learning and team building with likeminded individuals. On the last day, complete your final exam to receive your Certified Pet Aesthetician certification and join a great group of people who have decided to make a difference in how they care for the health and well-being of the pets in their life.

Pre-requisite: Module 1

Dates will be announced shortly 

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