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Therapeutic Pet Groomer Teresa Hartmann achieved amazing results with weekly therapy



Show Coats

Melissa achieved amazing results in 8 weeks by using weekly Mineral H Shampoo,  Green Caviar shampoo & Conditioner range and Caviar 10 in 1 Conditioning lotion.



Certified Therapeutic Pet Groomer Wendy had success treating Aragon with weekly ISB therapy treatments for yeast and bacteria infection.



After 5 weeks of ISB therapy Billie almost completely healed. Weekly ozone  & therapy sessions speed up healing and gave tremendous relief

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After almost 2 years of Vet visits, medicated shampoos, steroids, pills and no progress, diagnosis, cures or explanations, I turned to the Mineral Red Reconstruction range and it took ONE therapy session to see immediate results. Within 6 months, I attended an ISB Seminar and workshop and I was able to recognise symptoms and treat accordingly and we haven't visited the Vet since! 

We still have plenty of coat to grow back after months of breakage and fallout, but Kenzo is 100% medicine free and I am so excited to see new hairs and improve the integrity of his current skin and hair condition with ISB's phenomenal line of products that consistently blow my mind time and time again!! Charmaine - Canine Couture WA


Coat Rejuvenation

Bruna turned around this pups coat with 5 weeks using Hair growth recipe (Mineral H shampoo, Orange PEK conditioner and Ph Balance conditioner)

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